Olive Oil


Immerse your palate in the intense richness of Orchards of Laila Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the winner of international olive oil competitions. Cold-pressed from the finest olives of the typical Lebanese cultivar Souri, this oil boasts a robust flavor profile, intense taste with earthy tones and medium fruity aroma. Drizzle it over salads, use it for cooking, or dip crusty bread for a true taste of Lebanon.

The Souri or Souriana variety is found in the southern half of Lebanon, takes its name from the ancient Phoenician capital of Sour (formerly known as Tyr or Tyros), and is considered one of the oldest and finest varieties in the world.

 Sommelier note: the Souri variety is characterized by a full-bodied, robust, high-intensity olive oil with a medium-ripened aroma. It has notes of artichoke and tomato leaves and is very suitable for steaks, fresh cheeses, salads, stews, soups, fish, meat and Mediterranean mezze.

Cultivar : Souri / Souriana.

Origin : Baassir, Iklim Al Kharroub, El Chouf, Lebanon.

Intensity: 4.5/5

Aroma: 2.5/5

Certification: EU Organic, USDA Organic

The Art Collection by Orchards of Laila is a series of collaborations with artists from all over the world using Laila’s products as their canvas. This collection is a limited issuance collector’s item that revolves around a different theme in each series. Read more.


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