Love at First Press


Lebanese Genco Olive Oil, a family owned business was formed in 2014 to materialize a tradition that has been ongoing for more than 300 years in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil, in addition to other bi-products of this sacred tree. We established successfully two brands so far in pursuit of this quest.

Two Brands

Orchards of Laila, which caters to the organic consumer, offering EU-Certified products in state-of-the-art Environment Friendly packaging.

Elissar, targeting the mainstream mass market and providing a promise to consumers that they are receiving top quality products at affordable prices, presented in a sleek design.

Our Brands

Brand Imaage

Orchards of Laila

Orchards of Laila is the first brand that was launched by LGOO as a line of premium organic and natural products. It is free of pesticides and strictly abides by all the requirements set by the EU Organic Certification Board. It consists of two lines; the gourmet food products line and the Olive Oil Based Cosmetics Line. Orchards of Laila, an homage to our Lebanese heritage, joins luxury with the best that nature has to offer in packaging that is at a minimum 85% recyclable and/or recycled already.

Brand Imaage


Elissar is the second brand that was launched by LGOO to serve the mass market segment. This brand targets your everyday consumer seeking quality products at affordable prices. With Elissar, an homage to the Phoenician Queen that conquered Carthage, thrives to find products that offer the optimum balance between quality and price by relying on the strong points of the best producers worldwide selectively for each product.