Orchards of Laila's 100% natural organic carob molasses is now available in the Family Pack 900g net Jar for a greater sharing experience!

A delicacy from its hometown Baassir, Iqlim Al Kharroub.

With the region named after this fruit, Carob Molasses has immense health benefits of which are but not limited to : 

  •  Reduces Cholesterol and fights diabetes: High Level of anti-oxidants.
  • Anti-Cancer Properties: In particular the anti-oxidants myricetin and quercetin play a big role in fighting cancers.
  • Natural expectorant.
  • Good for lung, liver, intestinal disorders, gastritis and high blood pressure.
  • It helps to remove intestinal parasites from the body such as intestinal worms.
  • Reduces the aging effects of the skin and provides a healthy glow.
  • Increases sperm count in males and eggs in females

Carob Molasses can be used as a sweetener, perfect caffeine-free substitute for chocolate, mixed with tahini, and served as a digestive after a meal.


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