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Bottle Your Own Olive Oil

Do you produce good quality olive oil and would like to showcase it, give it out as gifts or even sell them ? We can offer you the service to bottle them in classy Italian glassware with your own label, logo or name on the bottle. Imagine how much you will impress your friends on your next dinner party!

Find the Perfect Blend

Just like fine wine, different olive oils have different traits and organoleptic characteristics that differentiate them from each other depending on many factors: cultivar, soil richness, weather, harvest time, production practices used. We offer you the chance to benefit from the experience of our team of certified olive oil Sommelier whose members were featured in several French, Italian and Spanish publications. Our Experts will help you pinpoint what is needed to enhance the quality of your olive oil, provide advices and contacts to perform best practices and join you in a tasting sessions of your olive oil to write down its characteristics, defects if any, and the best blend to balance it out.

Agricultural Hotline

with the change world climate, global warming and bad environmental conditions in Lebanon, we cannot continue to rely on nature alone to give us the best products; We must fight back! our team of agricultural experts and engineers will pay you a visit to check on your groves/orchards to check for any diseases, missing nutrients and give you recommendations for organic medicine to fight back those diseases.

Visit our Orchards

Yes ! you have a chance to visit our orchards, benefit from the fresh air and participate in an olive oil tasting sessions of various samples with our team of certified olive oil sommeliers. Our site location is situated at level of 350 meters above sea level in the beautiful calm village of Baassir in El Chouf Region overlooking the beach of Jiyeh from one side and tracing the picturesque hill tops of Iklim Al Kharroub from all around it. During summer, you will also get a discounted pass to spend the rest of the day at one of our partner resorts alongside the Jiyeh Coastline.

Cooking with Olive Oil

Register for one of our cooking classes and learn enticing recipes, how to select your olive oil for different uses and learn from either local housewives that mastered the art of cooking traditional Lebanese food or from one of our star international guest Chefs that including several Michelin Star bearers.

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