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Our Story

Sourced from all around Lebanon, blended and perfected in the heart of the town of Baassir bringing the exceptional experience and quality to meet every expectation.

We honor the rich heritage of Lebanon

by crafting the world's finest olive oils and natural products. Through the discerning palate of our founder and team of
professional sommeliers, we are dedicated to bring the essence of Lebanon to tables around the world. We share a story of nature's bounty, meticulous craftsmanship, and a passion that transcends borders.

Our vision

is to be the excellence in olive oil, natural products, and other organic offerings as stewards of Lebanon's bountiful lands. We envision a world where every drop of our olive oil, every drop of our honey, and our diverse array of organic products tell a story of passion, dedication, and nature's unparalleled generosity.

Anchored in Lebanon's age-old legacy

and a continuation of a craft dating back to its founding civilization: The Phoenicians, we cherish and perpetuate our ancestral values that have defined our family’s olive oil's distinct character for over 300 years.