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Experience the taste of the Mediterranean with the traditional BIO Zaatar mix. This aromatic spice blend combines the earthy taste and aroma of Lebanese zaatar (local variety of thyme), the citrusy hint of sumac, a pinch of sea salt and the nutty notes of roasted sesame seeds. The blend of zaatar spices and olive oil is perfect for dipping freshly baked bread or as a seasoning for grilled meats and vegetables. Zaatar adds an authentic Lebanese flavour to your culinary creations.

The Orchards of Laila brand was born out of a generations-long tradition of growing olive trees in the El Chouf region of Lebanon. The original cultivation of centuries-old olive trees was followed by fields of organic herbs and a new line of products was born. Alongside rosemary and basil, the leaves of Lebanese zaatar ripen under the olive trees.


400g his herbal mix is packaged in recyclable paper bag with Sesame seeds whch are well preserved in an air tight bag to protect those with allergies and give the consumer the chance an "add to taste" experience.

50g Zaatar mix in the glass jar

Organic Certifications : EU certification for organic farming and USDA Organic.


$12.00 USD