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    The sommelier note: The flavor of our organic carob molasses is a delightful blend of sweet and robust caramel bitter undertones, distinct earthiness with hints of chocolate and toffee, creating a complex taste that is both deep and satisfying.

    The Carob Molasses Benefits:

    • Reduces Cholesterol and fights diabetes: High Level of anti-oxidants.
    • Anti-Cancer Properties: In particular the anti-oxidants myricetin and quercetin play a big role in fighting cancers.
    • Natural expectorant.
    • Good for lung, liver, intestinal disorders, gastritis, and high blood pressure.
    • It helps to remove intestinal parasites from the body such as intestinal worms.
    • Reduces the aging effects of the skin and provides a healthy glow.
    • Increases fertility for Men and Women.

    The Food pairing: Carob molasses is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. It can be used in desserts, marinades, and salad dressings for its unique and wholesome sweetness. Complement both sweet and savory dishes. Carob molasses can be used as a sweetener or as the perfect caffeine-free chocolate substitute.

    Available in two sizes:
    300g and 500g

  • Product Type:

    Tahini & Molasses