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    Lebanese olive oil is celebrated for its intense flavour and fruity aroma, which is a result of the typical Lebanese olive variety Ayrouni, early harvest, careful harvesting and pressing processes.

    The aroma include notes earthy olive tones and medium fruity aroma hint of herbs, contributing to the oil's complexity.


    Cultivar : Ayrouni

    Origin : Zgharta, Lebanon.

    Certification : EU Organic Certified.

    Intensity : 2.5/5

    Aroma: 3.5/5


    The Ayrouni Variety is indigenous to the northern half of Lebanon; which involves northern part of Mount Lebanon, The North, and northern part of the Bekaa region. 

    On average, this variety is characterized by a pleasant aromatic olive oil with a mid intensity taste olive oil with some fruity notes. Among those notes are a herbaceous hint of fresh cut grass. It is a very versatile "passe-partout" olive oil that is strongly recommended for Chicken, white cheeses, salads, marinades and sauces.

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    Olive Oil