Olive Oil


Glass bottle of Orchards of Laila's Green Label : Luxury Organic Olive Oil.

Cultivar : Souri / Souriana.

Origin : Baassir, Iklim Al Kharroub, El Chouf, Lebanon.

Certification : EU Organic Certified.

Medals : 2020 Silver Medal from IOOC in Palmi/Italy

Intensity : 4.5/5

Aroma: 2.5/5


The Souri or Souriana Variety is indigenous to the southern half of Lebanon; which involves The Chouf, The South, The West Bekaa and all the way to northern Palestine. This variety took its name from the ancient Phoenician capital of Sour (anciently known as Tyr or Tyros).

On average, this variety is characterized by a full-bodied, robust high intensity olive oil with a medium mature aroma. It has hints of Artichoke notes and tomato leaves and is strongly recommended for dairies such as Labneh, white cheeses and steaks.


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