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    Experience the intense taste and quality of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils with our convenient bundle box of two bottles curated with a focus on weight efficiency, allowing us to offer you a cost-effective shipping solution to destinations worldwide.

    Immerse your palate in the intense richness of Orchards of Laila Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the winner of international olive oil competitions. Cold-pressed from the finest olives of the typical Lebanese cultivar Souri, this oil boasts a robust flavor profile, intense taste with earthy tones, and medium fruity aroma. 

    The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil cultivar Ayrouni is characterized by full-bodied, medium-intensity olive oil with a medium-ripened aroma. The aroma includes earthy olive tones, a medium fruity aroma, and a hint of herbs, contributing to the oil's complexity. 

    The box consists of:

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    Taste Lebanon Boxes

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    Lebanese Bundles