Travel to the world of Mediterranean flavours: extra virgin olive oils, infused oils, honey, molasses, and olive oil cosmetics. This gourmet journey will take you to Laila, a passionate lady, caring and dedicated wife and mother from a nearby Lebanese village that tends to the land, her trees, and her family with unconditional love and care, offering the best organic wonders of nature.

Orchards of Laila´s array of products are carefully selected by a team of professional sommeliers and master blenders with international awards and worldwide recognition. Our products are presented in elegant, eco-friendly packaging showcasing gastronomy, quality, and know-how.

Orchards of Laila is recognized as a brand commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our EU and USDA certified products maintain the soil health, biodiversity, and ecological balance. Our farming and production are sustained without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Our international awards collection is a testament to the high quality, authenticity, and standards of excellence that Orchards of Laila stands for. Sourced from all around Lebanon, blended and perfected in the heart of the town of Baassir bringing the exceptional experience and quality to meet every expectation. Discover as well our dedicated line for hotels and restaurants (HORECA Line) in addition to a wide range of events and corporate gifts catering to every budget.


Going back to the roots of the Olive tree which originates from the coast of ancient Phoenicia (modern day Lebanon), Elissar aims to re-establish the ancient maritime trade routes of the Phoenicians around the Mediterranean. The brand is named after The Phoenician Queen, also known as Dido of the Kingdom of Tyr, famous for her explorations and the building of the city of Carthage.

Elissar represents a line of Lebanon's finest products carefully selected to offer consumers top-quality products for everyday use. Elissar is committed to promoting the Lebanese food culture around the world through the quality and authenticity of our products. We take pride in that our products are sourced from the finest ingredients, ensuring that customers get an authentic taste of Lebanese cuisine.

The brand includes a Gold Label comprising of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Red Label with Virgin Olive Oil filled in more affordable packaging. A fully dedicated line is available as well to serve the hospitality industry and other customers looking for bulk quantity purchases. The bulk orders can be customized to large tin container formats, as per a customers’ requests.

All of these products are made using state of the art Italian machinery in an ISO certified plant ensuring minimal human contact and thus protecting from any contaminations while preserving the highest level of quality possible.

At Lebanese Genco Olive Oil, we believe that our products not only bring the best tastes and aromas to the world, but also reflect our values and traditions.